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Communicative design-build philosophy

Construction Management Services


Traditional Construction Management

Project owners benefit from early alignment by engaging us in a variety of professional services such as site optimization, front-end estimating, quality and cost control of architectural details, value engineering, and schedule reduction.

We typically contract to the standards of the American Institute of Architects A133–2009 (formerly the A121CMc–2003), Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager as Constructor where the basis of payment is the Cost of the Work Plus a Fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price.

Pre-Construction Services

Our streamlined pre-construction processes add tremendous value to our clients --  enabling a project to become more financially and technically feasible through a series of early phases:

  • Concept design phase
  • Detailed design phase
  • Implementation documents phase
  • Agency review phase
  • Buyout phase
  • Scheduling phase
  • Construction phase

Design-Build Construction and Integrated Project Delivery

By adopting a communicative design-build philosophy, we promote a highly interactive and productive atmosphere. A methodology that contributes to major project success rates.

This approach is growing in use through the construction industry as a means of delivering negotiated construction projects through their operational stage.

Design-Build Key Attributes:

  1. Project Owner enters into a contract with us as a single entity Design-Builder.
  2. Design-Builder is obligated to engage the correct design professionals including architects, engineers, and other designers.
  3. Design-Builder is the procurer of design services, and does not furnish design services.
  4. Design-Builder enters into a contract with the Architect and manages the design process so that the benefit of construction experience and estimating is incorporated into the project design.
  5. Single contract = single point of communication and responsibility.
  6. Combined leadership for all services. No management of multiple contracts, vendors or invoices.
  7. Upfront understanding of a guaranteed maximum price.
  8. Development services included in design-build contract.
  9. Turnkey, time-saving design & build process
  10. Expedited project start and project delivery
  11. Time-saving overlap of design and construction
  12. Escalation and rising cost mitigation
  13. High-quality results, with minimal owner’s risk

The Project Owner is central in all Design-Build discussions.


  • Deal Equity
  • Co-Development
  • Build-to-suit for leasing purposes
  • Developer partner contacts
  • Proforma building
  • Budget development
  • Due diligence
  • Fatal flaw analysis
  • Entitlement work assistance
  • Site optimization
  • Designing and building facilities from the ground up